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Meet the Trainers

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Alyssa McKean

An animal lover from the very start, Alyssa grew up with a variety of dogs.  She learned the ropes of dog management and training from her parents with their first true hunting dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Since then Alyssa has always wanted to work with animals but specifically loves training and behaviour as is evident when you see her working with her own dog.  Understanding and working together with your pet as a team is something she is passionate about as shown with her own dogs.

Alyssa acquired her first personal dog, an Australian Shepherd named Kai, after graduating from Georgian College Veterinary Technician program in 2011.  Alyssa and Kai have spent the last decade constantly trying new things, from therapy dog to Obedience and Rally Obedience.  Kai has been Alyssa's catalyst in her dog training journey.

As a team, they have added numerous titles to Kai's repertoire including Canine Good Neighbor, Companion Dog (Obedience) and Rally Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Advanced Excellent.   Kai was ranked number 3 Australian Shepherd in Rally Obedience in Canada in 2019.  Alyssa is now trying her hand at confirmation showing with her young male Australian Shepherd named Jedi.

Alyssa has a particular interest in the why and how of canine behaviour.  The desire to understand how dogs think  has lead her to many clinics and courses where she has studied different training techniques.  She believes that by establishing a connection first, then building on that understanding, we can create amazing canine-handler teams.  Helping people and their pets to work as a team is her driving force. 



Dr. Emily Millson has always had a passion for animal behaviour and training.  She believes that dog training is important to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.  It also plays a huge role in preventing health problems in our pets. 


Training and behaviour courses were a keen interest of hers while she was obtaining her veterinary degree at Ontario Veterinary College.  In 2010 she studied at the Canine Rehab Institute out of Florida.  She then completed her internship at California Animal Rehab in Los Angeles to obtain her certification in canine rehabilitation, with a focus on sports medicine. 

Dr. Millson has trained her own Border Collies in the sport of Agility and has competed at CKC and AAC trials. 

She is very excited to be bringing this dog sport training facility here to her home town of Timmins.  She is looking forward to working with the canine-handler teams here in our community. 

Angele gemme

Angele is the owner of Pawsitive Gems Dog Training. Through her business, she specializes in private one-on-one training.   She helps families understand their dog's behaviour and how to teach them basic manners, as well as how to curb less than ideal behaviours. She strongly believes that changing unwanted behaviours starts with understanding the why and how dog's learn. 

Angele's journey into dog training began in 2011 when she decided on a path that would allow her to have a fulfilling career, all while raising her two sons. Watching animal-related T.V. shows and remembering her previous experiences with having to rehome dogs due to behaviour issues, she was inspired to delve into dog training.  She studied the Dog Obedience Program through the Animal Behaviour College, which included volunteer hours at the Timmins Humane Society and a hands-on mentorship with a local trainer.  She received her dog trainer certification in Februrary of 2012.

Angele knows all too well what it's like to feel helpless about a beloved dog's misconduct.  She is passionate about helping families find confidence in helping their dog be the best companion it can be.  She is dedicated to continuing to grow her knowledge of dogs, canine behaviours , enrichment opportunities and different techniques to help people and their pets build a mutual understanding and amazing bond. 

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