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Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of the human-animal bond. We believe that pets are important members of our families who keep us grounded and present in a world full of noise.  We believe that every animal has something to teach us if only we have a mind open to hear them.  We believe that in order for our pets to fulfill their roles in our hearts and our homes they need to be kept healthy and enriched.  We believe there is more to veterinary medicine than pills and prescriptions and that love and compassion are as powerful as any drug.  We believe in preventing, not just treating illness and that exercise and nutrition are huge factors in the health of any animal. We believe in treating every animal that comes through our door as we would our own; with dignity and respect from their first breath to their last.  And above all else we believe it is our mission to help people provide the best care for their pets to keep them fit for life. 

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